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Fast low-res mesh retopology with ZBrush 4 voxels

ZBrush 4 has some new voxel meshing tools that are a big help for those times you just need relatively even quad meshes for things like normal-mapped meshes. I use retopology tools like Topogun when I need strict control over edge loop flow but when I just want some decent quads quickly, this is a huge time-saver and the quality is very good.

The workflow is pretty basic:

  1. send the high-res mesh to ZBrush (I’m using GoZ from Maya)
  2. select a resolution for your desired low-res mesh
  3. hit Remesh All
  4. move the remeshed subtool up above your high-res mesh
  5. hit Project All in the Subtools palette

You now have a quadrangle-based mesh that maybe just needs to be tweaked for better edge flow in certain areas. Check it out:

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