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Tip for Quickly Creating Swatches With Linear Workflow

My workflow for creating linearized swatches is pretty simple. I usually use the LWFMe button in V-Ray Tuner and use the automatic LWF in V-Ray. But it’s a bad idea to use the automatic LWF when using SSS materials, so this is what I do for swatches in those cases (after hitting LWFMe to set up the linear workflow but then disable the LWF toggle so everything else like gamma is correct but swatches and images still need correction):

  • save a preset for a linearized gamma correction and save the gamma correct to your favourites. The colour is irrelevant
  • pick the colour swatch you want for your shader
  • click the utility/texture icon and pick gamma correct
  • select your LWF preset
  • click on the colour swatch in the gamma correct. Your colour is added to the recent ones at the top. Pick it and you’re done


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