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Maxwell Tuner 1.0 – Unbiased For Your Pleasure

So it’s ready to go – my first version of Maxwell Tuner has been posted to Creative Crash and can be yours for the low, low price of $0 (+ taxes at 479%). See it and some of the cool additions like Focuser (a locator-based camera focus script) in action here:

People familiar with V-Ray Tuner will recognize the layout - it’s an adaptation of that script’s look with a feature and control set designed for Maxwell Render 2.6. It also integrates the region rendering that I rolled a couple weeks ago. Since Maxwell Tuner is unbiased and doesn’t offer the same level of control as V-Ray, it’s more minimal but should still save Maxwell users plenty of time, especially with the region rendering button.

Installation is simple:

Put the script in a Maya script folder and load with “maxwelltuner;” in the MEL command line or Script Editor. You have to render once with Maxwell or FIRE to have Maxwell initialize its values or you’ll get an error and no slider/checkbox connections. Hit Refresh after opening opening the FIRE window and you’re good to go. To control the camera settings, select your camera and hit the Attach Camera button.

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