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Workaround for Maya 2011 Photoshop settings on Mac

Maya 2011 switched to Qt as a development platform, and Qt tends to lag a bit for Mac-specific features like application bundles or aliases. One of the casualties in Maya 2011 was the ability to set Photoshop as your image editor. It simply can’t be done without typing the path out:

With Mudbox, you can at least dig into the application bundle and set the Mudbox binary as your app. But this doesn’t work with Photoshop. The workaround is easy: set your image hander preferences in The Finder, per file type:

Make sure to click “Change All.” Do this for all types of image formats and, from then on, Maya will open your images in Photoshop. Although this takes a bit longer, this has the added benefit of letting you control which application is handled by which image type. You could have IFF files handled by FCheck, PSD files handled Photoshop and TGA files handled by Graphic Converter. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about setting it in another version of Maya again.

If you’re looking for a fix for aliases not working with Qt apps like Maya or Nuke, use UNIX symlinks and my Finder Service for OS X. To install it, just put it in your ~/Library/Services/ folder (make one if it doesn’t exist). From then on, Nuke and Maya’s Qt dialogs will show your symlinks in their dialogs, where they just ignore aliases:

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