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A Quick Look at Bombs in Fracture FX for Maya

I’m planning on doing a bigger post about Fracture FX, which is a newly-released dynamics/explosion/shattering toolkit for Maya that is similar to something like Rayfire for Max. Unfortunately, today I’m finishing up two projects so it will have to wait but, in the meantime, check out how easy it is to do bombs with paint-based Voronoi shatters:

Fracture FX is currently on sale for $399 for a limited time and, if you’re looking for a tool like this, run and get it. Very stable and it does a lot more than something like the similarly-priced Blast Code Kiloton, which I also own. The only drawback is that they haven’t released 2012 versions of their plug-ins so I had to use 2011 for this project. I’m hoping they’ll release 2012 and 2013 versions soon.

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