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Shorten the Maya 2013 Pipeline Cache menu

Maya’s a menubar-hungry app and even if you’re on a 1920x1200 or higher-res screen, it takes a ton of space. Maya 2013 introduced the Alembic “Pipeline Cache” short story into every menu bar so lower-res laptop PCs are probably going to start getting truncated. Mac users are going to have even less room for their menu bar utilities like iStat Menus, so I found the MEL file that handles this menu and shortened the name:

The result:

It still works, and Alembic is really amazing. I even went further and shortened it to “ABC”, the Alembic file extension. The menu bar MEL file is located within the application:


Windows and Linux users should also look in the app folder if they want to tweak it. Mac users won’t have any luck editing the file directly because it’s locked, so you’ll need to copy it to your desktop or something, edit it and then use the terminal to write over the original file:

sudo cp ~/Desktop/insertPipelineSubMenu.res.mel /Applications/Autodesk/maya2013/Maya.app/Contents/scripts/others/insertPipelineSubMenu.res.mel

Update: If you are a Nuke user, there are currently two options for reading Alembic files since official Alembic support isn’t planned for a couple more versions in Nuke. The ABCReadGeo plug-in works flawlessly but is only available for OS X and Linux and there is an Alembic plugin built into AtomKraft for Nuke, which has a free edition for all platforms.

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