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Yes, Photoshop CS6 Made 3D This Easy

Photoshop CS6 has been in public beta for a few weeks now and, as a private beta tester, I saw Adobe’s new 3D mesh implementation early on. They made merging 3D meshes into a scene as easy as working with pixels and it’s crazy how the move tool has taken on so many functions and done it well:

That makes it possible to use stock meshes to make pretty sophisticated compositions right in Photoshop. I did one for Adobe’s 3D content page and this is all rendered with Photoshop’s progressive raytracer:

I’ve been hounding them to support Ptex so that newbies can just paint meshes without having to worry about UVs, so hopefully that will come next. Peel the top of layer of your eyes (I think that’s how the saying goes) for my full review of Photoshop CS6 on Ars Technica in the coming month.

If you’re a Maya user and want to use Photoshop Extended for some light 3D texturing, grab my GoP script for Maya if you haven’t already.

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