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Getting OpenCL Working with the Quadro 4000 Mac on Lion

When I reviewed the Quadro 4000 for Mac, Snow Leopard was the current OS and Lion was in beta. OpenCL support was in the betas but then, for no apparent reason, it was pulled. It worked fine and the Lion drivers fixed the stability issues that plagued the Quadro 4000 in Snow Leopard, so it was anyone guess as to why it suddenly went AWOL. But it seems that the support is actually still in Lion, you just have to change some bits in the driver with a program like the post at the top here to find the values to change in the two files in the “/System/Library/Extensions/GeForceGLDriver.bundle” bundle. Don’t use the Perl tip in that thread – the code is broken by the board’s formatting. To be safe, copy the bundle to your desktop, copy it and work on the copy. Then once the edits are done, delete the GeForceGLDriver.bundle from the Extensions and quickly copy the edited bundle into the Extensions folder within The Finder and reboot. After that, OpenCL will work with all apps (despite the incorrect clock value shown below).

SmallLUXGPU before the hack:

SmallLUXGPU After:

Even V-Ray RT GPU works, and this is probably the most complex OpenCL app out there:

Currently, that doesn’t even work on Radeons in OS X (AMD and Apple will have it fixed by Mountain Lion’s release), so whoever made the call to turn it has some splainin’ to do. People lamenting the lack of V-Ray RT GPU in OS X shouldn’t worry too much – it is still far more limited than RT on the CPU and less stable, on all OSes. Anyway, the good news is that this hack will only be needed for another month or so, since OpenCL is enabled by default for the Quadro 4000 Mac edition in Mountain Lion:

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