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V-Ray Tuner 2 teaser

I thought I’d show off a little thing I’m doing with the next version of V-Ray Tuner. I wrote a while back about rendering separate light passes with floating point EXR renders to get all the flexibility of Maxwell’s Multilight with V-Ray, and I’ve developed something that’s a lot more friendly than using render layers. Select your lights, hit “Render per light” (need a shorter name) and the script will render out an image lit only by that light and it will be named according to your light:

Yes, I know the render is noisy – I am just testing the script so the quality settings are quite low. And for people thinking “isn’t this what the Light Select Render Element is for?,” you’re close but that doesn’t include global illumination like this does. Anyway, after it’s done, your scene is restored and the images are ready to be composited. Animation people might find this to be overkill but I do stills, so I do this stuff a lot. It currently works with all V-Ray light types, domes, environment map GI, and I’m just working on support for material mesh lights and material self-illumination.

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