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Get ‘Em While They’re Hot: 30% Off Promo Code for New cmiVFX Series “Linux for CG”

I’m going to be doing a video series for the venerable cmiVFX and while I can’t tell you about the series’ contents, I can say that they just released a pretty sweet “Linux for CG" series by Luke Olson, who is very knowledgeable in Linux in production. I’ve known Luke from his RealFlow Python scripts and his active presence on CGSociety’s forum – he know’s his stuff. I wish I’d seen this series a couple weeks ago when I installed Linux on the HP Z820 that I’m reviewing for Ars Technica. It would have made my life a lot easier.

cmiVFX was nice enough to give my blog readers a 30% off promo code for the series. Just enter PPP30 when purchasing it. The code’s valid for 60 days from around yesterday, June 10, 2012. Just a note that I don’t get any kickback or anything like that for those sales. Enjoy, especially now that Apple’s not going to be getting a Mac Pro update out until 2013.

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