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Retopology 101: Getting Rid of Triangles at Poles

Good topology is not like cheekbones – you aren’t born with it. It takes a long time to wrap your head around how to approach various edge flow problems to get those nice quadrangles you want. I use extrusion for a lot of the modelling I do and it’s a great way to reduce work by letting you shape things as you go – as opposed to making the complete cage and then reshaping – but this method leaves you with a pinch at the ends if you merge those vertices to get a round edge. This is where retopology comes in. Watch how I build a wooden spoon from the handle, merge the vertices at the end, decide which edges to keep after and then draw new edges to make for nice edge flow across the end of the spoon:

Deciding which edges to keep isn’t that tricky: just keep ones that flow across the point without forming a pinch. I could have deleted all of the edges there and drawn each but that just reduces the work by giving you a nice cross to draw new edges across.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been working on a review for Ars Technica that is taking most of my free writing time. I’ll be finished with it soon so getting back into some creative gigs that should be fodder for some good tips. Stay entunificated.

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