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OBJ Sequence Importer for Maya

I’ve been learning Houdini lately and liking it a lot and just figuring out some workflows to send stuff to Maya for rendering from Houdini. The best way to do that is with Alembic but the problem with that is you need to have all geometry that’s going to be exported be visible at the first frame. So I am using OBJ sequences, which is kind of lame since it just static geometry across frames but it works for things like newly-spawning geometry.

After looking around for a decent OBJ sequence importer for Maya, I did what anyone with a huge hangover would do: I just rolled my own OBJ sequence importer script:

Here’s the download link on Creative Crash.

Updated to 1.1: Added more robust filename support with frame padding. Your numbers can be padded (0004) or not padded (4) as long as they appear before the .obj and the file names are filename.#####.obj format, with a period before the number. If you pick “_” as the delimiter instead of “.” , it will assume you’re using it with RealFlow and assumes it’s a 5-number padded sequence. If you use RealFlow, it’s better to use the RealFlow plug-in .bin loader in Maya since that contains motion information for motion blur. I just need a static mesh but want to find the right one, so I added support for RealFlow OBJs.

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