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Nuke Scene Collector 2.0 Now Live

My Mac OS X/Linux shell script for collecting and transferring Nuke scenes and assets has been updated to version 2.0. Nuke Scene Collector 2.0 adds #### style number sequence support for Read nodes and the %04d style ones still work – you can mix them in your Nuke script without it tripping up collection. Otherwise, what gives it the 2.0 version bump is the increase bullet-proofing to the collection process. Since it was using the UNIX cp utility for copies, it could crap out if your file list was really long (like thousands of entries), so it now uses the find command and executes the copy on each entry instead of on the batch. If you care about the difference, here is how that looks. The old code for copying all EXR images with wildcard for sequences:

cp /path/to/filesequence.[0-9]*.exr /destination/

The new copy code using find and an -exec cp argument for the copy portion:

find /path/to/ -name "filesequence.[0-9]*.exr" -exec cp -i {} /destination/ \;

You can use that “find … -exec” pattern on anything really. If you want to lame encode a bunch of files in the working directory to mp3, it’s pretty much the same:

find . -name "*" -exec lame --preset extreme {} \;

Some of you are probably thinking “why not just use Python and then you could avoid this and you’d get Windows compatibility? Ya, if I was to rewrite this utility, I’d just use Python but I’m not a pipeline TD, I’m just posting stuff I use for myself so that’s not going to happen. Windows users looking for something similar can check out this. I don’t know how well it works since I’ve never used it but it seems to be fine.

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