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Create a Hollowed Object Filled With Liquid in Maya

I just finished up a project that involved making an intravenous bag filled with blood and I thought I’d share the workflow for how to go about modelling something like this, since it can be tricky. If you’re rendering a liquid inside of a transparent object, there’s no easy way to fake the thin wall and liquid – they have to be modelled so that they render correctly. While I won’t go into the specifics of rendering these shapes, there is a good tutorial here for V-Ray and an explanation of how dielectric interfaces work in V-Ray, which is the crux of accurate refractions between transparent objects.

So here is my first talkie tutorial movie for you to enjoy. But, in the spirit of silent films, my girlfriend is playing background piano to liven it up. She’d be horrified if she knew her practicing was being recorded.

As you can tell from the video, I have a pretty specific set of tools for my modelling workflow and most are gathered in my Facer utility. You can do this without it but you might want to install Facer before starting since it makes following along a lot easier, and it’s a very handy toolbox, if I can pat myself on the back like that. Other time-saving MEL scripts used include Zentools' Flood Select and alignVertices.

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