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V-Ray Tuner 3.3 Gets the Hot Feature Injection

I am pretty happy with the latest V-Ray Tuner 3.3 update. It adds a number of features that I now use constantly and I think they’ll be pretty popular. Here’s a break down of what’s new in 3.3:

  • Optimize setting now prompts you for core count when distributed rendering is on. Use the max threads of any of your machines that are active in the render. If you have a local machine that’s eight cores (or four hyperthreaded) and a slave machine that has 16-cores hyperthreaded (32-threads), enter 32. Disable DR and click Optimize again and it will properly set the thread count for the local machine only:

  • Added a disable texture filtering script to Materials menu so you can turn off filtering for File nodes all at once.
  • DaveBake420 script has got a big uprade in 3.3. Now has an option to comp your Dirt V-Ray pass with the diffuse channel after baking. Good for adding grittiness to diffuse textures with little work:
  • Fix Light Size button replaced with create Sun & Sky script. V-Ray no longer has issues with manually-scaled lights so the script is no longer necessary.
  • Sprite Maker script now works with currently selected camera, not just main persp camera.
  • New Material Swapper script that should replace the “Maya and mental ray Mat to VRay” script for conversion of Maya materials to V-Ray mats and back. Paul Dreisen graciously provided the original script but I tend to convert more between Maya’s materials and V-Ray than mental ray mats and I wanted to beef up the accuracy of conversion that’s done by the script to save time. This script does a really good job of converting things like Phong materials from Mudbox FBX files to V-Ray, with all channel-mapped texture intact. If you want to go back to Mudbox but you’ve set up a V-Ray Material, it will swap the V-Ray Mat for a similarly set-up Phong, Lambert or Blinn mat. It’s also great for mass-converting Paint Effects polygon materials. Here it is in action:

It’s not shown in that video but the release script now has a palette with an option to keep the original swapped-out mats after conversion.

As always, let me know if there’s anything you want added or tweaked in V-Ray Tuner.

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