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Updated Hotkey Script for Material Selection à la Maya Right-click Menu

So, a while ago I posted a handy hotkey script to bring up the Attribute Editor for the selected object’s material but it didn’t work properly with face-level component selections, if there were multiple materials on the mesh (this is also a problem for showShadingGroupAttrEditor). You can see the difference between the old script and the new one here (with my Venetian Snares playing in iTunes – oops):

Here’s an updated script that works well – put it in your Maya hotkeys and assign it to a key combo. The openAEWindow at the start ensures that you don’t get that weird hiccup fallback to the shape node if the AE window isn’t already open. Here’s a download link (updated to work with object and face selections):


Put it in your scripts folder and call it from a hotkey with materialEditorHotkey; in the User hotkey text field:

imageUpdate 2: now does a select toggle for component mode, so you don’t lose your face selections when it does it’s thing.

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