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Maya Mac OS X Font Hack Updated for Maya 2012

So Maya 2012 is out for subscribers and I’m up and running with ticket01’s Boole plug-in and waiting for V-Ray 2 and others to be updated so I can make the full switch. In the meantime, I’m getting my workspace updated and a big part of that is fixing the fonts for better legibility in OS X. Here is an updated version of my previous font hack for Maya . The console font is now changed to Menlo, which is a much much nicer font than Courier New. Check it out in the screenshots:

2012 before the font hack.

2012 after the font hack.

For a full run-down on what the script does and why you’d want it, read the post about 2011 font hack.

I’m currently working on whether I’ll be reviewing Maya 2012 for a certain publication but expect plenty of tips and notes about 2012 in the coming months. I was a beta tester and the Maya team really did a great job with this one.

If you’re looking at the annoying prospect of switching back and forth between two versions of Maya and worrying about syncing script folders and shelves, do what I do: use a symlink to a master scripts folder. For more on symlinks and their magic, check out my post here.

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