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Using Photoshop CS5’s Puppet Warp for Texturing

Often the source material you have for a texture isn’t ideal, forcing you to do some finicky Photoshop work to remove distortion. This has always been most complicated when you have a curved surface and you need to build a straight edge out of it for texture painting. The Photoshop Edit/Transform/Warp can help with these but it’s never perfect, so you end up layering and mixing edits, which is slow. Photoshop CS5’s Puppet Warp is the ideal way to fix these things:

You can see how there’s minimal blurring going on there. If you have something more complex as a source shape, you might need to do it in parts:

I just picked that one off of Google Images as an example – you can tell the blurry parts aren’t really a great for texturing. Puppet Warp is great but it doesn’t save you from the “crap in, crap out” rule.

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