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Maya Speed Tip: Toggle Layer Visibility at Render Time

If you have a ton of hair curves in your Maya scene, the viewport will bog down pretty badly and using bounding box display isn’t a good fix for these since it will display a bounding box for every individual curve. So the best thing to do to keep your scene snappy while getting accurate rendering is to use a pre- and post-render MEL script to turn on the curves at render time. Put the curves in a display layer, hide the display layer and put this command in both the pre- and post-render MEL sections of the Render Settings dialog:

layerEditorLayerButtonVisibilityChange curveshair;

The second part should be the name of your display layer. From then on you’ll have a super-fast scene with accurate renders:

This workaround could be used for anything that’s bogging down your scene but polygonal elements are much easier to deal with with proxies or bounding box display.

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