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My GoZ Replacement Script for Maya 2014 and beyond

Every time a new Maya version comes out, it seems that ZBrush’s GoZ script gets broken and Pixologic hasn’t released a fix for GoZ and Maya 2014. So I made a sort of GoZ-ish script that isn’t as fully-functional as the Pixologic one – it doesn’t handle creases, for example – but at least it lets you work seamlessly between 2014 and ZBrush again. Grab it here. The script works by saving out an OBJ file to your current projects folder/GoZ folder (it makes this directory for your) and then using the OS to open that file with ZBrush. Fortunately, sending from ZBrush to Maya 2014 works the same as in older versions, so this can be used for round-tripping between the two apps on OS X:

and on Windows:

On Windows, you’ll need to configure OBJ files to open with ZBrush but on the Mac it’s handled by the script so you don’t need to do this—BUT Mac users do need to set the correct version of ZBrush in the script since it’s hard-wired to ZBrush 4R6. I did this because I use GoP, my send-to-Photoshop script and that depends on OBJ ownership. In the future I might make the ZBrush version variables with a dropdown menu or do an auto-detect.

To run the script, install it in your script folder run “GoZ_2014;” – put this command for your shelf for easy access. This is what you will use from now on instead of Pixologic’s GoZ script until they fix it for 2014. But you will likely need this script again when 2015/2016/etc. breaks GoZ yet again, since GoZ actually uses the Maya ASCII format as the go-between. This solution is future proof since OBJ isn’t going anywhere and the spec isn’t going to change.

Important note: ZBrush still sends meshes back to Maya with “Visible in Reflections/Visible in Refractions” off in the mesh shape’s properties. Remember to turn these on for proper rendering. Both my V-Ray Tuner and Facer scripts have this “objFix” script in them but here it is if you want it solo.

Mac users might notice that I’m running the Mavericks GM on my OS X machine. I’ll be doing a “what works and what doesn’t” style post for 3D people looking to upgrade when it launches. And I’ll be doing a full review of the coming Mac Pro for Ars Technica, which ships with Mavericks pre-installed.

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