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MakeFrustum: a Nuke-Style Frustum Preview for Maya

Update: If you tried the script and it failed, grab it again because the previous one had a call to a “MergeVerts” function which is just a personal alias to MergeToCenter.

So, after years of having a hard time finding cameras and knowing where they are pointing, I decided to make a script that would give Maya a Nuke-style 3D camera frustum preview that is parented to the camera. It will accurately reflect what is shown in the camera according to it’s FOV/viewing angle. I’m pretty pleased with the result and I had to dig up some old trigonometry that I haven’t done in ages to calculate the face side lengths. Most of my other scripts are just tasks and variables, so to all you proper engineers – fear my grade 7 math!:

Anyway, grab the script here and run “makeFrustum;”, select a camera and go nuts. The only caveats are that it doesn’t work with vertical fitting, only the default horizontal. If you want to delete the frustum, it’s just under the object in the Outliner:

It’s templated, so that’s why it’s orange and it won’t show up in renders. In the future, I may look into making it update live but that would likely involve API stuff and Python.

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