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Increasing V-Ray Material Preview Resolution in Maya’s Viewport 2

So I am working on something that needs some tricky UV and vertex tweaks and, if you’re a V-Ray user, you probably know that viewport 2 is fast but V-Ray’s default baked previews in Maya are really low res – I don’t even think that 64x64 pixels qualifies as “low res,” it’s so bad. Luckily, after getting in touch with Chaos Group about it, they let me know that there is a workaround to get high res previews. Jack up the resolution in viewport 2’s “Bake Resolution for Unsupported Texture Types” setting, save and reload the scene and you’ll have a high res preview:

Thanks again to Chaos Group for the exceptional support. After years of struggling with all the problems and dearth of support for mental ray, it’s so refreshing to have such good support in V-Ray. They never cease to impress me.

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