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V-Ray for Maya Users: Prevent the Maya Render Window from Popping Up

It’s almost midnight so, naturally, I’m writing rendering tips. If you use the V-Ray framebuffer – which you should because it’s awesome – you know that the Maya render window will pop up at the same time as the VFB when you start renders. Every. Time. Unless you have the render window open in a pane, there is no way to avoid this until V-Ray 3.0 comes out (it apparently fixes this issue). BUT I have a good workaround that will prevent this madness from occurring again: dock the render window. Open the render window and run this MEL script:

dockControl -area right -content renderViewWindow rendEditorDC;

And you get this magic:

This only works in Maya 2011 and above since earlier versions don’t have the docked Qt interface. Also, make sure to disable the Auto Resize option in the Render window because this will resize your main window every time you render, which will be incredibly annoying.

If you want to prevent Maya from barking an error every time you render with the window docked, you can edit this MEL file to prevent it from raising the Render window. Comment out the line “showWindow $i;” in renderWindowPanel.mel in the raiseRenderViewWindow proc within the /Maya.app/Contents/scripts/others/renderWindowPanel.mel file:

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