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A mental ray Batch Render Script to Work Around Batchrender’s OS X Mavericks Issue

UPDATE: This bug was fixed in Maya 2015 SP4

I haven’t used mental ray in years and I have been doing batch renders with my V-Ray command line script that I wrote for V-Ray Tuner so I feel a little bad that I didn’t catch the incompatibility with Mavericks and Maya’s batch render application. So here is a mental ray version of my command line script that writes out a batch file that opens in the OS X Terminal and uses the Maya Render binary, not Maya batch, so it works fine with Mavericks. Just enter “commandLinerMR” in the MEL command line and it will render your current scene according to the file’s properties and animation settings length:

It also sets the thread flag to your max cores so you don’t have to configure it manually. It also works with Linux’s xterm window or Windows’ command prompt, so feel free to use it if you just want a way to view render progress in a terminal while rendering. If you want to edit the script to work with Arnold or another renderer, feel free. It’s pretty simple once you look at the code.

There’s no official word from Autodesk on when a fix is coming for the batch render and Mavericks. Hopefully there will be a service pack before 2015 is released because the new Mac Pro ships with Mavericks and that could affect a lot of Maya users.

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