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V-Ray Tuner 2.0.8 Posted for Download

Updated V-Ray Tuner (click for download) with some little touches:

Added Shellac Me script to Materials to wrap currently selected meshes in a BlendMat / Fresnel shader for clearcoat wood/ceramic glaze type setup.

Added Send to Command Line Render/Send to Command Line Render and Sleep script to Utilities.

This is like a pseudo job manager since it sends the disk file to render with currently active values of dmcThreshold, dmcs_adaptiveAmount, dmcs_adaptiveThreshold, dmcMaxSubdivs, dmcMinSubdivs, and current resolution. Only supported on OS X currently. This is just my personal tool being shared and it will be ported to Windows eventually.

Added unlock camera script to utilities. This removes the lock for selected cameras, so they can be deleted.

Updated all menu items to accurately reflect checkbox states, where applicable.

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