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Open a File In An Instanced Program on OS X

One of the misconceptions about OS X is that it can’t run the same application more with than one instance. The way around this is to open the Terminal and write “open -n /Applications/yourapp.app” and it will launch a new instance of the app, even if it’s open. I made an Automator OS X Service to open selected video files in an instance of VLC and another for Maya 2009:

I find this helpful to check working assets and stock for building scenes in another instance of Maya. Anyway, grab the Automator actions here: For VLC and for Maya 2009. To install, unzip and put in ~/Library/Services/

If you want to change the application to use, just open the Service file in Automator and change the path to the app.

If you want to open a Maya 2011 instance with no input file, here’s a Service to do that. Update it for 2012 and on by changing the path text in Automator.

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