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V-Ray Tuner 2.0.9 Adds Automatic Colour ID Script for Compositing

I am working on a 3D illustration that’s going to need some separate tweaks on different elements and I do this with a colour ID pass as masks within Nuke. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to automate the process of making colour IDs for materials and added it to V-Ray Tuner. Select the objects you want to have IDs and the script divides the RGB hue spectrum into as many parts as there are selected objects (you don’t need to select objects with redundant materials) and then assigns those colours to the newly-created material colour ID:

Because the script uses the total number of selected objects to assign colour IDs, it’s best to do this operation only once. If you want to add more colour IDs to objects later, do it manually to assign a colour value you know is different from what’s been assigned already. Some scripts assign a random value on a spectrum ramp to get a similar behaviour but I prefer my method since it guarantees that the colours will be as far apart as possible. When keying out colours, you’ll have less issues that way.

I also made some small changes to other parts of V-Ray Tuner:

  • In ShellacMe script, linked value of coat bump to the value of the base material bump. Saves time jumping back and forth.
  • ShellacMe now names BlendMaterial with base material name + _FresnelBlendMat instead of mesh name.
  • Command liner works with spaces in names of paths (still Mac-only)

V-Ray Tuner now has over 2000 downloads and a rating of 4.5/5 stars. Looks like people are enjoying it. It will stay free since there are plenty of scripts out there that do a lot more for free. It’s my way of giving back to the Maya scene – my scripts folder has over 300 files in it and only about 10 of those are mine and only a few are for-pay scripts. Maya may not be perfect but it has a huge library of awesome and free tools that just can’t be matched.

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