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V-Ray Tuner 2.1 Adds Windows Compatibility to Batch Rendering with Sleep Options

Just posted V-Ray Tuner 2.1 update to Creative Crash. This version adds support for command line region rendering on both OS X and Windows:

This works with animation frame range settings to make it easy to render out a crop of your animation from the selected area in the Maya render view (not the VFB). That also has a “sleep computer after render” option, which now works with Windows (tested in a virtual machine here):

Sssh…he’s sleeping. The idea behind the command liner batch rendering is that you can jack up your anti-aliasing settings (without saving that to the file) for a late-night test render and have the machine sleep when done. When you wake up the machine in the morning, your region or complete render is done high-quality and you don’t have to set the scene back to draft quality anti-aliasing settings. It’s like a cheap job manager.

Other small changes:

  • Show Samples checkbox is now replaced with Displacements toggle, since this is more likely to be something you’d want to toggle for quick renders.
  • Added a Material script to name V-Ray Material according to the name of the File in the color slot (Filename sans extension + _Vray).

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