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3D Image Breakdown: Per-light Comp of 3D Illustration

I’m just putting the final touches on this 3D illustration and thought I’d show how I used the per-light rendering feature of V-Ray Tuner to render out light passes for all lights and the meshes with V-Ray Light Materials. This lets me really tweak the light contribution within Nuke (or Photoshop) for a well-honed studio lighting feel.

It also lets me add some roto tweaks to give the window reflections a more interesting reflection, instead of just white. That way I don’t spend too much time on trying to get my environment reflection to do that job.

Just have to touch up the ground and some small spots and it’s all done and ready for print. It may look lighter than it should on your screen because my monitors are set on a darker press-simulated setup (5000K white and 75cd/m^2 brightness).

I’ll be doing more talking about the other techniques used in the illustration over the next week or so.

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